Free Play Casino Bonus

Free play

Free Play bonuses are similar to no deposit bonuses, but differ in some ways and are harder to pay out when you win. Non-deposit bonuses usually range between € 5 and € 100, while a free play bonus usually ranges between € 500 and € 2,000. Normally one starts from a credit of e.g. 1000 € for a certain time to play and see how much you can win. With a high win, this can be counted as a match bonus, which is usually 100% and nice initiatives as it also gives players who do not normally bet high on the ball the opportunity to play with spins of $ 50 per spin, as well as those actions my are associated with a time limit and an aggressive style of play appropriate. There are free play bonus offers for keno and scratch cards, more rarely table games and video poker and mostly for slot machines.

When playing Free Play bonus offers, the best strategy is to bet as high and fast as there is usually a timelimit to win. As long as the zero point is not hit, it is important to set the highest bet – e.g. That would be the Food Fight with all Real Time Gaming Casinos, Thunderstruck with all Microgaming Casinos and Scary Rich for all Casinos that have Rival Software. These games are known for their fast gameplay and their high variance which means you lose fast, but if you win the jackpot, they are bigger than the remaining slot machines. A slot machine with a higher variance gives you the opportunity to win bigger and pay out accordingly.

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